Friday, August 04, 2006

Do you ever spend an entire day feeling sorry for yourself? I am sure most people rarely do. And you keep trying to be positive and let go of your angst and every time you get above the grime and melancholy in your head and actually see everyone else, you see something that reminds you of your misery and you just suck right back down into yourself.

Well. Today was poor me day. "Poor me, why me why why?"

It is so odd that I can sit in misery and feel like I am the unluckiest person on earth when I am not in debt, making a living in the big apple, in good health, sober, reasonably attractive and appealing. Yet sometimes all I can think of is what I don't have. All I see is what everyone else has. I pine for a waist as thin as the model's at table 12. I want the grace and wisdom of my coworker Anna. I want the career successes of my actor friend. I want the generosity of spirit I see in others. I am so busy counting all the things I don't have. I have no idea what I do have. Man. I need to know these things.

I have an active imagination.
A desire to grow.
the courage to continue to challenge myself and apply myself to my goals.
My health
Good Friends
An appreciation for the arts
A College education
Good eyesight
Parents that love me and inspire me
A whole family of different and inspiring individuals
Friends all over the country
Electricity (didn't have it two weeks ago)
the ability to laugh at myself
the universe
amazing friends
amazing friends
amazing stories
a vivid imagination combined with a decent memory


At 7:20 AM, Blogger Lion said...

Thank you for the comment. And I spend many days feeling sorry for myself. But like Sober tells me... poor me, poor me, pour me another drink.

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Sober In the City said...

My dear sis... You left so many things off the list.

Other items:

*Good skin
*An insight and intellect that sees the world in unique ways
*Great skin that has yet to be touched by the sun
*A fabulous head of long red hair
*The courage to stand up in a room full of people and become someone else
*The discipline to not eat skirt steak or Steak Tartare
*Really good taste in jewlerey
*Some cool tats
*The acting ability to transport me to new places
*The voice of a godess
*Creativity and imagination
*A really cool big sister
*A New York story

You are entitled to feel your feelings. Just don't hang out there too long... I would miss you.


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