Sunday, August 27, 2006

Restaurants in NYC in the month of August

So my first week at my new job is plodding along. So far I am making the slave, new girl wages- 12 hour shifts yielding $20-$60. Which is admittedly depressing. I know that ultimately these things will change and over time they will even out just so long as I impress the management with my skills. Everyone there who has worked there for any significant amount of time makes up to $400 a shift so I am going to be mellow, patient and just look for opportunities to improve my sales make extra cash. In the mean time- I need to make rent... this is going to be a major scrape for cash. Hopefully I will be needed tonight at Gotham Comedy Club as they are my only other source of income... NYC... hmmm...

Otherwise, meaning aside from the actual money I am making; My new restaurant seems to be populated with some very cool people; mostly actors, honestly. Every straight man there is unavailable, of course, but everyone seems fun and funny. There is a lot of gossip and moaning and groaning like at every restaurant I've been. One of the senior servers suggested I hang back and observe well before I threw myself into the mix of things. I have a feeling that when dealing with the managers there is a very specific way to approach them. Yesterday I came in at 10 AM for my Brunch shift. I turned over the upstairs, setting it for Brunch- waited around and helped the downstairs waiters while we tried to have our meeting. Then I waited around, got no customers and was cut at 12:30. A little miffed I asked my fellow waiters what I should do and they suggested I talk to management about compensation. So I did, even though I didn't want to be a bother and I am kinda afraid of all of them. I now have $20 towards my next dining experience within the restaurant and its affiliated restaurants. The restaurant industry is pretty nasty and cheap in the dry late summer months. Not so many people visit NYC this time of year and the locals are vacationing. Its a bad time of year for restaurants and waiters. Next year I want to be on vacation this time of year. Maybe I will travel to Scotland to see the Fringe festival- or hang out in Iceland and sip expensive cherry sodas. But next year- I want to be outta here for these godawful restaurant days.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Sober In the City said...

Oh the memories!! I don't miss the restaurant industry. That is, until I hear you talk about sleeping in and meeting fun people and being able to just quit and find something else. Then I recall with euphoria the carefree days I was a waitress banking $400 cash every night.

The senior waiter was right about hanging back and being patient and observing.

Sounds like you are learning a lot.

Love you sis!


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